When people visit a steampunk convention they will notice that many of the costumes worn by attendees are unique. This is because they tend to be homemade with bespoke designs. Underneath all of the cogs and tubes will be a base layer. Gym clothes work very well. These are available from AIM’N, a New Zealand company focused on women’s attire. Sportswear is ideal for steampunk base layers for multiple reasons.

Less Restrictive

It is important to note that steampunk emulates the fashion of the past. Until fairly recently women’s clothing was fairly restrictive. Icons such as Coco Chanel changed this. As a a result the cosplay of today manages to have an older aesthetic whilst offering a greater freedom of movement. Steampunk fans can use the gym clothes NZ based service AIM’N to find items with plenty of elasticity. These products will be appreciated by people whose costumes are already cumbersome.

Stops Overheating

It is fair to say that steampunk pros put plenty of effort into their art at the expense of comfort. It is common for the finished item to get very hot too quickly. The good news is that gym gear is designed to prevent heat exhaustion. Cosplayers will need as much help as they can get to keep themselves cool. This type of clothing can also handle excessive sweating. It takes a lot of exertion to walk around a convention space for extended periods of time in steampunk garb. Therefore sportswear is perfect.

Comes In Black Colours

It is important that the base layer merges well with the other costume elements. This is why darker shades are preferred. There are numerous examples on the AIM’N site that fit this criteria. The cosplayer could glue steampunk elements to the outfit without worrying about it looking out of place.


Part of the appeal of steampunk is that outfits can be created cheaply. The person will not want to spend too much money on the gym gear. AIM’N is popular because of its affordable prices. The site even sometimes has sales on. Steampunk fans can take advantage of these savings. Any money left over in their budget can go towards upgrading other aspects of the costume.

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