The modern iteration of steampunk fashion has actually been around since the 2010s. Popular items to wear include brass goggles, leather coats and pith helmets. These are the clothes that many people will imagine when someone mentions the steampunk style. However, there are no fixed rules. Popular steampunk clothing is in a constant state of flux.

The evolution of steampunk has become so prominent that it is regularly followed by media outlets. For example, sites such as The Daily Mail will have articles exploring the ever-changing world of steampunk cosplay fashion.

Brass accessories have been a mainstay for several years now. In fact, some people believe that they define the entire subculture. Purchasing vintage clothing is encouraged to achieve an authentic look. Women’s fashion of the mid-1880s forms a good base for designing a look. Dresses tend to be long and flowing, with regal jacket bodices to accentuate the aesthetic. Garibaldi blouses are a popular alternative choice. Conical shaped skirts are regularly seen worn by attendees of steampunk conventions. Unlike Victorian fashion, steampunk encourages corsets to be worn over the main outfit so that they are conspicuous.

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