Despite being a relatively new form of entertainment, video games have already been influenced by the steampunk genre. There are plenty of fun titles to choose from. They allow players to escape to a steampunk world in a manner that is much more immersive than films.


The player takes on the role of a bodyguard framed for the murder of an Empress. The critically acclaimed gameplay for Dishonored features a mixture of combat and stealth elements. There are also fun magical abilities to try out. The setting has an industrial feel which is reminiscent of Victorian London. An interesting karma system allows players to complete the game without even killing a single enemy.

Alice: Madness Returns

This game is perfect for people looking for more of a gothic steampunk experience. The Alice of the title is Lewis Carroll’s famous creation. However, in Alice: Madness Returns:, a darker version of the story is portrayed. The dreamlike Victorian Wonderland that the player travels through is trippy and beautiful. Each level is based on its own theme. Examples include Orientalism and even Hell itself.

Final Fantasy VI

The Final Fantasy series has attained a high level of popularity due to its mixture of fantasy and science fiction. There are more than 20 titles in the franchise to try out. The one that most fits the steampunk aesthetic is Final Fantasy VI. Set in an industrial world, the player gets to interact with factories and machines. There are 14 playable characters to try out.

Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Arcanum is an iconic RPG created by the developers of the Fallout series. The player is able to customise their character appearance, giving them distinctly steampunk outfits. The story concerns the conflict between users of magic and weapons. Players traverse the zeppelin filled open world, deciding which team to side with.

Bioshock: Infinite

This game is often high on the recommendation list for anyone seeking an excellent steampunk gaming title. It is technically ambitious and visually stunning. The player starts off in a floating city before exploring a steam-powered fantasy world. The central theme is the tension between upper and lower class citizens. This boils over as the main character uses their combat skills to fight hidden enemies.

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